Prospect Program Training Day

Act Arena, Saskatoon, SK

An opportunity to bring together skaters, parents, and coaches for an informative, active, and a fun "team" building experience. Each session will be one hour in length. Skaters will receive a Prospects Program torque and water bottle at the beginning of the day.


  • Morning will have edge, turn, and balance exercises needed for good skating skills, elements, and developing finesse.
  • Afternoon is a open session, coaches can work with their students and collaborate with other coaches. Their will be some coaches attending who will be available for coaching techniques with jumps and spins.
  • Music will be available for coaches.
  • Program Coordinator will be on the ice for coaching assistance.
  • Team Saskatchewan skaters will be there in the afternoon for demonstrations and assistance.


  • Certified trainer with  balance, agility, and control exercises.
  • Jump and spin class instructed by our High Performance and Elite Sask. Team members.
  • In the afternoon there will be information from a judges perspective, and making a strategic plan for a skating pathway.


  • Skaters are grouped by skating level and age.
  • Approximately 12 to 14 skaters in each group.
  • We may change some skater’s group between morning and afternoon.

Bring water bottle and snacks for the day. Bring good off-ice training shoes and clothes. Skaters are responsible for their lunch.

Tenative Schedule