Assessment Days


Sask Health Authority is allowing assessment days; therefore, please share the following information regarding the new assessment day procedure with the clubs in your region.

As of December 14, 2020, there will be no centralized assessment days until further notice; however, clubs/skating schools are allowed to hold their own assessment day for the remainder of the 2020/21 season. Clubs  would be limited to a maximum of two assessment days during the regular season and may allow other skaters from within their own community to attend. All provincial health guidelines and regulations must be adhered to at the applicable time of the assessments, along with the rules that the Skate Canada - Saskatchewan Board of Directors has approved.

Own community” pertains to clubs within their own area only. For example, the city of Regina has two clubs. Those two clubs could attend the same assessment day. This does not mean that a skaters from an outside club could attend Regina’s assessment day. Such as, Yorkton would not be allowed to go to Regina’s assessment day). This would mean that skaters are still within their own group of skaters and arena, with only one outside person attending, the evaluator. The evaluator would be in the stands and away from the skaters. The risk of contracting the virus from attending an assessment day in this manner would be low, should be low.

Clubs will now be allowed to contact an evaluator directly and arrange for a mutual agreed upon date and time for their assessments. Keep in mind that the Section has a few fully qualified evaluators in our province and they may not all be comfortable in leaving their own community. The contact list of qualified evaluators are:


All Disciplines:

, Regina

, Regina

, Saskatoon 

, Hudson Bay

, Tisdale


Partial Disciplines:

, Saskatoon (Skills, Dance, Artistic)

, Rosetown (Dance only)

, Lloydminster (Skills, Dance, Artistic; AB section official, we have been given permission to use her for this season)


Virtual Assessments

Recently, Skate Canada ran a Virtual Assessment pilot across Canada with select clubs. They are now expanding to allow other clubs in each section to participate in a Virtual Assessment Day.  In-person assessments are the preferred method. 

Virtual Assessment Days will be operated similar to an in person Assessment Day except that the assessment is done over a video meeting platform such as Zoom or Teams. The evaluator may be from anywhere in the country, not necessarily your own section. Skaters will perform their exercise with a coach or other person filming their test and streaming it to the evaluator. A technical check will take place before the actual assessments begin to ensure the connection is viable.

All skating clubs in Saskatchewan are invited to apply to hold a Virtual Assessment Day, but will need to have adequate internet or data connection in the rink. Applications will be reviewed by Skate Canada - Saskatchewan and a list will be forwarded to Skate Canada for consideration. Preference will be given to those clubs that are in remote areas of the province or do not have access to an existing in-person evaluator in their region or area.

Clubs will still be responsible to collect fees, arrange for schedule, etc., just as if it were an in-person Assessment Day.

If you would like to apply to be considered for a Virtual Assessment Day, please fill out the survey. Applications do not guarantee an assessment day.