Assessment Days


Virtual Assessments

Recently, Skate Canada ran a Virtual Assessment pilot across Canada with select clubs. They are now expanding to allow other clubs in each section to participate in a Virtual Assessment Day.  In-person assessments are the preferred method. 

Virtual Assessment Days will be operated similar to an in person Assessment Day except that the assessment is done over a video meeting platform such as Zoom or Teams. The evaluator may be from anywhere in the country, not necessarily your own section. Skaters will perform their exercise with a coach or other person filming their test and streaming it to the evaluator. A technical check will take place before the actual assessments begin to ensure the connection is viable.

All skating clubs in Saskatchewan are invited to apply to hold a Virtual Assessment Day, but will need to have adequate internet or data connection in the rink. Applications will be reviewed by Skate Canada - Saskatchewan and a list will be forwarded to Skate Canada for consideration. Preference will be given to those clubs that are in remote areas of the province or do not have access to an existing in-person evaluator in their region or area.

Clubs will still be responsible to collect fees, arrange for schedule, etc., just as if it were an in-person Assessment Day.