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Become part of the skating family and become a member of Skate Canada. When you sign up for a skating program at a Skate Canada member club you automatically become a member of the national organization. If you are thinking about taking skating lessons for the first time or you want to introduce your children to a healthy life-long sport use our club finder to locate the Skate Canada member skating club nearest you.

Does your club want to become a part of Skate Canada? Click here to apply to become a club or skating school.

Skate Canada - Saskatchewan is a very successful provincial organization and one of the reasons for this is the involvement of hundreds of volunteers that help to keep things running. Some individuals have been volunteering for more than 50 years! There are many types of volunteer positions available and these can range from playing music at a club skating session to making policy at the provincial board level. Each year Skate Canada - Saskatchewan pays tribute to its volunteers at its annual meeting and awards are presented to those whose contributions have been recognized by their peers.

To become a volunteer at a skating club contact the club president of the Skate Canada member club nearest you, if you are not sure of the location please go to our club finder. If you are interested in volunteering at a provincial skating event in your area, please contact Skate Canada - Saskatchewan.

Coaches are invaluable in the development of an athlete's skill. They are teachers and mentors for the thousands of young athletes they deal with in their day-to-day work. They work not only with athletes but also the athlete's parents in setting realistic goals and the training required to reach their potential and their goals. All coaches must go through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).  

All Skate Canada coaches must meet the minimum criteria as outlined by the Skate Canada Board of Directors:

  • Registered: full payment is required of all registration fees and insurance premiums as determined annually by Skate Canada
  • Valid first aid certificate 
  • Clear screening through Skate Canada's Back Check 
  • Have an NCCP status of CanSkate (or CanPowerSkate) In-training or higher NCCP certified coaches must maintain their status through Maintenance of Certification 
  • Completed Skate Canada's Code of Ethics training 
  • Valid Respect in Sport Activity Leader Training 

It takes a special person to become a coach; if you think it is a career you would like to pursue then check out the Skate Canada Coach Guide for more information.



Officials play a very important part in our sport. As volunteers, they donate their time, knowledge and expertise to assist in the development of our athletes and are valued members of the Association. There are different types of officials which fall into the following categories: evaluators/judges, technical panel (specialists and controllers), referees and data specialists. Judges are perhaps the best known officials and they are usually former skaters who have had a positive experience in the sport and wish to help others attain their goals.

Officials, outside the arena, are doctors and lawyers, school teachers and librarians, domestic engineers, business administrators, police officers, paramedics, financial analysts, university students, professors, marathon runners, writers and so on. You will find more information on the types of officials and how to become involved in this section.

If you decide you want to become a Skate Canada official, you will have to meet certain criteria and complete certain tasks and activities to become qualified. These activities include participating in clinics and seminars, skill tests, trial officiating (where you will receive written assessments from qualified officials) and actual officiating. To move up through the system, an official must follow the rules which have been established for promotion. This is to ensure that every judge who officiates at Canadian competitions is both qualified and competent.

The training that the Skate Canada provides to its officials is held in high regard by other figure skating federations around the world and Canadian officials are widely considered as the best trained in the business!

If you are interested in becoming a Skate Canada official, please contact .