Achievement Awards Section Awards: 

Nominations extended to 9:00 PM (SK) on March 1st, 2021

CanSkate Athlete Award

The purpose of the Section CanSkate Athlete Award is to recognize skaters who have shown enthusiasm and dedication to the CanSkate program throughout the skating            season.


  • Each skater must be enrolled in the CanSkate for the current registration year
  • The skater:
    • Demonstrates a positive attitude
    • Demonstrates an eagerness to learn and improve skills o Is cooperative o Participates fully

STARSkate Athlete Award

The purpose of the Section STAR Athlete Award is to recognize skaters who have demonstrated determination and commitment to the STAR program. Recipients of this award have displayed passion for the sport and have achieved success throughout the season, not only within the STAR assessing/testing system but also with personal skill development and growth.


  • The winner of this award should reflect the essence of the STAR program, including:
    • Participation
    • Achievement
    • Personal success
    • Displaying spirit and passion for the sport
    • Striving for new goals
    • Achieving balance within skating and in other areas of life o Giving back to the sport by assisting at club level (program assistant, volunteering for club events, etc.)

Must not have registered or competed in a CompetitiveSkate (Pre-Novice or higher) category at a Sectional qualifying competition in the current skating season.

Volunteer Coach Award

This award will be given to a professional coach who has contributed to the coaching community through volunteer efforts at the club, region, section or national level. The focus of this award is on volunteer contributions made by professional coaches to the sport of skating.


  • A registered Skate Canada professional coach in good standing with a minimum NCCP status of Club Coach (CanSkate) Certified or Regional Coach (STAR) Certified
  • An individual who contributes volunteer time in addition to professional coaching time at the club, region, section or national level
  • A professional coach who inspires others to embrace the joy of skating
  • A professional coach who has demonstrated commitment to the development of the sport of skating

Section Club Volunteer Award

The purpose of the Section Club Volunteer Award is to recognize volunteers who have shown dedication and commitment to the skating.  Recipients of this award have demonstrated the enthusiasm and desire to grow skating in Saskatchewan allowing for continued success for the club both on and off the ice.

Each club would be “awarded” a Section Club Volunteer Award to be presented to one (1) recipient as chosen by the Selection Committee.  The recipient would receive a certificate.

From these nominations, one (1) recipient per Region would be chosen to receive the Regional Club Volunteer Award presented at the Skate Canada – Saskatchewan Awards Luncheon held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting OR at their respective Regional Spring Meeting.

Program Assistant Award

The purpose of the Section Program Assistant Award is to recognize dedicated and passionate program assistants who continuously share Skate Canada’s vision with all participants of the program. This award is presented to individuals who are not only great assets to the coaching team on the ice, but also show their commitment off the ice by providing support and assistance to the club and its registrants.


  • A currently active program assistant who:
    • Has made a significant contribution to his/her club by having assisted skaters, coaches and/or the club executive with programming both on and off the ice
    • Is an excellent role model who inspires others to embrace the joy of skating
    • Displays a potential for a long-term commitment to the sport of figure skating in the community in a coaching or volunteer role

Section Officials Award

This award encompasses technical representatives, evaluators, judges, referees, technical controllers, technical specialists and data specialists.


  • A Skate Canada technical representative, evaluator, judge, referee, technical controller, technical specialist or data specialist who is currently registered with Skate Canada
  • Active at the Section level or lower for at least five years
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of Skate Canada rules, policies, philosophies and programs
  • Is keen to share accurate information with other officials, athletes, coaches, parents and administrators with the interest/intent of developing figure skating and figure skaters in Canada
  • An individual who has given quality service to the Section and the organization in general Each section will use its own selection process and will select one winner for that section.

Rising Stars Award 

Skate Canada – Saskatchewan is pleased to offer the Rising Stars Awards to recognizetwo (2) athletes in each club.

Nominations are accepted from Skate Canada – Saskatchewan members, coaches, officials and clubs for skaters they feel demonstrates the following criteria:

  • Works hard
  • Helps out wherever possible
  • Loves what they do
  • Assists the club in activities
  • Helps other skaters
  • Is a great role model and ambassador for skating

The recipient would receive a certificate.

From these nominations, individuals may be considered for the following Skate Canada Achievement Awards:  CanSkate Athlete Award or the STARSkate Athlete Award. 

SK Club & Recreational Coach Award of Excellence

The purpose of the Skate Canada‐Saskatchewan Club and Recreational Coach Award of Excellence is to recognize the dedication and achievements of the coach in this category. The recipient will be selected for their unique advancement and outstanding contributions to our sport and the well‐being of athletes participating in skating.

The coach must meet the following criteria:

  • An active professional coach in a Saskatchewan club, or working with Saskatchewan skaters,who is currently registered with Skate Canada and in good standing
  • Minimum of NCCP CanSkate Certified/Evaluated, completion of Respect in Sport Training.
  • In addition, the coach must have a proven track record of coaching excellence in one or more program areas:
    • CanSkate coach with a proven track record of teaching success at the learn‐to‐skate level. Priority given to coaches who have previously fully implemented the New CanSkate program, attend/host regional Fun Fests, and deliver high‐quality programming
    • STARSkate coach with a proven track record of reflecting the principles of the STARSkate program (personal success and achievement, participation, spirit and passion for the sport, attainment of goals particular to the athlete, and promoting balance within skating and other areas of life), who also provides opportunity to learn in a group format. Coaches who teach all disciplines, or specialize in disciplines, will be considered
    • AdultSkate, CollegiateSkate, SynchroSkate, or Special Needs coach with a proven track record of coaching excellence
    • Moves beyond coaching as a profession and contributes to the development of skating globally through professional and/or volunteer commitment (perhaps a committee member at any level, Learning Facilitator, mentor coach, etc.)
    • Inspires others to embrace the joy of skating, and works to facilitate harmonious relationships to promote all aspects of the sport of skating and Skate Canada‐Saskatchewan (perhaps with arena boards, city programming, minor hockey associations, etc.)
    • A coach who inspires others to embrace the joy of skating
    • A coach who has shown commitment to professional development through continued upgrading of qualifications and participation in the continuous learning opportunities
    •  Meets – and exceeds ‐ the requirements of the Roles and Responsibilities of a Professional Club Coach, as outlined by Skate Canada:
      • To abide by the Skate Canada Coaches Code of Ethics and maintain up‐to‐date membership with Skate Canada as a Professional Coach.
      • To be an "expert" in coaching and figure skating.
      • To identify and address potential moral or ethical issue.
      • To be competent at guiding parents, preparing skaters, and club board members in skating and coaching related matters.
      • To be clear, respectful and honest when communicating to skaters, parents and executive members.
      • To communicate figure skating skills instructions and make coaching decisions effectively.
      • To work with a team of coaches and resource personnel to ensure that the skater receives the best training possible.
      • To assume leadership roles for other coaches when asked or needed.
      • To communicate clearly goals and objectives developed with your skaters, parents, and executive members prior to the skating session debut.
      • To be up‐to‐date with Skate Canada rules and rule amendments at all times.
      • To be responsible for upgrading your skills and knowledge in the sport of figure skating on a regular basis.
      • To develop lesson plans in order to improve your organizational and management skills
      • To analyze, identify errors and provide constructive feedback to the skaters, and parents.
      • To identify talented skaters with natural abilities through the use of criteria set in the Talent Identification and Development Plan in your club.
      • To organize and implement a fun, safe and enjoyable environment to all skaters.
      • To administrate first aid actions when needed.
      • To accept additional responsibilities in a professional manner.
      • To train, supervise, assess and evaluate Program Assistants.
      • To organize and lead parent information sessions.
      • To provide advice on skating matters ‐ e.g. equipment, progression to other programs and future opportunities.

National Awards: Will not be awarded this year.

  • Competitive Coach / Choreographer Award of Excellence
  • Club Coach Award of Excellence
  • Elizabeth Swan Memorial Award
  • Officials Award of Excellence
  • Event Volunteer Award of Excellence