Coaches Zoom Session - Return to Skating

Virtual Meeting

Attention Coaches: The CCC will be hosting an informal conversation about return to skating from the coach's perspective.How things are running in the clubs that have been open so far?What protocols do you have in place for your facility?How do your...

Coaching: Recruitment and Retention

Virtual Meeting

Are you struggling to recruit and retain coaches?This session will examine innovative ideas to recruit and retian coaches through collaboration, focusing on development and work-life balance.Everyone is asked to pre-register so that we can determine the...

Return to Skating

Virtual Meeting

This session is an opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification on the current Return to Skating Guidelines as well as hear from those who have returned to the ice.Everyone is asked to pre-register so that we can determine the interest in each Zoom...

Pursuit of Excellence

Virtual Meeting

Recruitment, retention & operation tactics & techniques that will make your Club successfull!Does your Club struggle to maintain membership, navigate the day-to-day operations and know how to engage your stakeholders?This session will ensure...

Updating Your Club Constitutions

Virtual Meeting

Understanding the importance of a Club ConstitutionStep by step guide to completing your Club ConstitutionExamples of recommended policies to have in place to aid your Skating Club in managing unforeseen circumstances.Everyone is asked to pre-register so...

CANCELLED - Sask Skate

Working Together

Virtual Meeting

Do you have limited ice time but need to run more than one program? Only one coach or multiple coaches?This seminar will show you how to run multiple programs at the same time with multiple coaches or just one coach and program assistants.You will leave with ideas of...

Technical Q & A

Virtual Meeting

An open session to discuss the latest technical updates from Skate Canada.  This is your opportunity for anyone, including coaches and technical officials, to ask questions or in need of clarification for the season. Everyone is asked to...

Team Saskatchewan Simulations

Mosaic Place

How to: Running your Skating Business

Virtual Meeting

Do you need help with the business side of our profession, what you can and can't claim on taxes, where to go for tax information and advice, contracts, yearly plans, etc.This seminar will provide coaches with information on how to do all this and more.Everyone is...

Fundraising Q & A

Virtual Meeting

Do you have questions about how other Clubs or the Section fundraises for programs?This is an opportunity to share your ideas on how to increase revenue.Everyone is asked to pre-register so that we can determine the interest in each Zoom sessionInformation on...

Saskatchewan is Leading the Way with Safe Sport

Virtual Meeting

Interested in knowing how you can be a part of the Safe Sport awareness campaign that Sask Sport and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport launched in October?This session will help you familiarize yourself with the Safe Sport resources provided...

Skate Canada International

The Ins & Outs of Hosting a Competition

Virtual Meeting

This information session will provide clubs with the tools to develop a successful competition. The workshop is designed for clubs hosting a Regional Competition in 2021 as well as clubs that are considering a Bid to Host in the future.The presentation will...

STARSkate or Competitive?

Virtual Meeting

Navigating the two avenues of Figure SkatingThis session will develop your understanding of the required elements of each avenue and how to determine the avenue best for your athlete.  Parents will be informed of processes, opportunities and...

Performance Opportunity

Mosaic Place

PURPOSE OF THE PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITYDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, training time has been interrupted and competitions across the country have been cancelled or altered to adhere with health care authority guidelines. With the changes made to qualifying...

2021 Skate Canada - Saskatchewan Sectional Championships presented by Visit Moose Jaw

2021 Skate Canada - Saskatchewan Sectional Championships presented by Visit Moose Jaw

Mosaic Place

PURPOSE OF SECTIONALSSectionals identify the top skaters in each Section for advancement to the next round of qualifying events ultimately leading to the Canadian Figure Skating Championships. The planning and execution of each Sectional...

2021 Skate Canada Challenge

STAR 5 to Gold Competition

Region 1/6 Invitational Competition

Canadian Tire National Skating Championships

Region 2/3 Invitational Competition

Region 11/12 Invitational Competition

Prince Albert

Region 4/7/8 Invitational Competition

Prairie Regional Synchronized Skating