Skaters’ Lottery (Club / Section Fundraiser)

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022/2032 Skaters' Lottery:

  • 1st Prize - Tess Robertson - Medstead (21316)

  • 2nd Prize - Evan Cechanowicz - Regina (01353) 

  • 3rd Prize - Kim Lasko - Unity SC (18641) 

  • 4th Prize - Neil Schikosky - Weyburn (05369)


Saskatchewan Fact

  • There are 97 clubs with over 6,000 members
  • 49 clubs participated in the Skaters’ Lottery program
  • Over $102,140 was returned directly to the participating clubs


Where the Section Spends the Money

  • Promotes and develops Skate Canada programs
  • Programming to enhance our membership
  • Maintains communications between members, clubs, Section and Skate Canada
  • Holds competitions to promote personal and skill development
  • Provides training opportunities
  • Provides qualify officials and coaches
  • Provides awards
  • Provides financial support for clubs, skaters, coaches and officials

Club Benefits

  • All prizes are arranged, purchased and delivered by the Section
  • Lottery License is obtained by the Section
  • Minimal expense to the club
  • Book Value $100 - club share $70 / complete book sold ($5.00 / ticket). 

 2022/2023 Prizes:

     Grand Prize     $15,000

     Second Prize   $5,000

     Third Prize       $2,500

     Fourth Prize     $2,500

As per SLGA’s Raffle Terms & Conditions all purchases are made on a voluntary basis.  No person shall be obligated to purchase Tickets as a condition of registration for the club.  Lottery proceeds must be used for club programming such as ice rental, badges, and coaching.Order your Skaters’ Lottery Books now!!!!! 

Only 3,000 Books Available!!  First Come, First Serve!!!

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