About Us

Skate Canada - Saskatchewan is a non-profit sport governing body who is affiliated with and governed by Skate Canada.

Vision:  Engaging Saskatchewan lives through skating.

Mission:  Fostering the growth and development of stakeholders through quality skating programs.

Values:  We value building positive relationships based on integrity, transparency and inclusion.  In the pursuit of excellence, we value innovation, collaboration, and commitment.

In Saskatchewan, over 8,500 individual members belonging to 122 affiliated clubs utilize Skate Canada programs.

Skate Canada - Saskatchewan is dedicated to the following:

  • To encourage club participation in the implementation of Skate Canada programs
  • To provide progressive training opportunities for membership development
  • To maintain an effective public relations program and to disseminate information for the use of all Executives, Regions, Clubs, Coaches, and Officials
  • To be accountable to our clubs and Skate Canada
  • To promote and train Skate Canada Officials & Coaches
  • To provide competitive opportunities for all skaters
  • To liaise with all skating clubs

Skate Canada - Saskatchewan Bylaws