Coach Assessor Training

Virtual Meeting


  • Registered and in Good Standing Coach
  • NCCP Regional Coach In-Training or higher
  • STAR 1 – 5 Coach Assessor Training (certificate)

Are you interested in becoming a Coach Assessor?  If so, this zoom session is for you.

Now that you have learned the standards from the Skate Canada E-Learning seminars, this is the final requirment to become a Coach Assessor.  This session will focus on the soft-skills needed when conducting an assessment.  Upon completion of this session and the successful completion of the online training of  STAR 6-Gold Training: Introduction (certificate) and online training exam: STAR 6-Gold Training: Skills (certificate), you will receive a Coach Assessor status.

Coaches are only eligible to assess sthe skaters that they are responsible for the development in the discipline (same as STAR 1 - 5).

Online registration closes at 9:00 PM (SK) on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020.