Region 11 - Carrot River


Carrot River SC


Kinistino SC


We offer programs for ages 3 and up : CanSkate (Learn to Skate), STARSkate, Sychronized Skating (when we have enough skaters). Our current Coach can also do PowerSkating. The skaters enjoy "special activity" days throughout the season and a year end carnival, 'showcasing' the skaters...
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Skate Hudson Bay

Skate Melfort

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Skate Melfort is excited to begin another skating season. Skaters range in age from 3-19. The club is thriving with a strong CanSkate program! There are 15 skaters in the STARSkate program, from Star 1 to the Gold level, and including test and competitive skaters. New this year is a...
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Skate Nipawin


Skate Nipawin operates at Nipawin Centennial Arena. We offer Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate and STAR 1 to Gold programs. Icetime is Mondays and Wednesdays.

Skate Tisdale

Summer Skating School

Smeaton FSC

Sylvania SC

We offer programs for ages 2+ and up: CanSkate (Learn to Skate), STARSkate. The skaters enjoy a year end carnival showcasing their accomplishments throughout the season.