Covid-19 Response

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It is with the health and safety of our members in mind that the Board of Directors is following the directive from the Province of Saskatchewan that any event with over 250 attendees be cancelled due to the rapidly evolving Covid-19 situation.

Skate Canada – Saskatchewan recommends that Clubs/Skating Schools in the Section become familiar with recent recommendations from the Provincial Government, as well as contact your local municipality in regards to any club/skating school event and programming.

We are supportive of the government’s decision to aggressively adopt new public health measures to help limit the spread of Covid-19 and are putting the safety of our skaters and all others that would be attending events as our utmost priority.

We will continue to monitor and work with the health authorities over the coming weeks regarding future events and will continue to update our membership as information becomes available.

COVID-19 Guidance: Mass Gatherings, Risk for Elderly Pop​ulations (March 14, 2020)

Additional information and recommended prevention measures can be found on the links below: