Champions of Skating

As a skating official, volunteer, former athlete, coach or fan of skating you are well aware of the financial demands that the sport of figure skating can have on a skater and his/her family. These demands grow exponentially for those skaters who are striving for competitive excellence. In an effort to assist our skaters reach the peak of their competitive prowess, Skate Canada ‐ Saskatchewan has established a high performance competitive fund, Champions of Skating, in hopes to alleviate some of the financial burdens that come with national and/or international success.

The Champions of Skating Committee, an adhoc committee of Skate Canada – Saskatchewan, was designed to administer funds to competitive skaters within the Section so that they are better able to realize their potential within the sport of skating. The mission of this committee is to further develop the sport of skating within Saskatchewan, as well as Saskatchewan’s presence on the national and international stage, through investment in our top performing athletes. In an effort to grow our fund, and assist as many high performance athletes as possible, we are reaching out to potential donors such as yourself for financial contributions to Champions of Skating, a National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) project.

Your funds will provide successful applicants in Saskatchewan with financial assistance in any one of the following ways:

  • The purchase of necessary equipment (eg. new skates, performance costumes);
  • Competition expenses not already funded by Skate Canada‐ Saskatchewan;
  • Out‐of‐province training camps; and/or
  • Choreography costs.

All donors who contribute over $20.00 will receive a tax receipt from the National Sport Trust Fund*.

*National Sport Trust Fund –Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association Reg No. 88938 6868 RR001

The Champions of Skating Committee will accept and review applications bi‐annually from High Performance Team skaters who seek funding to further their training. The applicant will be required to submit, in addition to our application form, a short essay outlining their dedication to the sport of skating in Saskatchewan, their intentions with respect to the use of the funding, and how the funds will benefit their skating/training. In addition, a letter of reference will be required from the applicant’s base coach(es). It is the intention of the Committee, through this application process, to have each applicant assess their goals and execution plans with respect to their success before the Committee provides skaters with funds.

The Committee has also developed specific selection criteria for the adjudication of applications. The Committee will focus on the following criteria when determining successful applicants:

  • Competition performance and results;
  • Level/category of skating;
  • Long‐term commitment to skating and the High Performance Team; and/or
  • Skaters training within Saskatchewan.

The aforementioned criteria, along with the application process, developed by the Committee are intended to ensure that your funds are offered to skaters who have the greatest potential to grow the success of skating within Saskatchewan.

In order to truly thrive, this committee relies on the generosity of individuals like you. We write to humbly ask you to consider a donation to the Champions of Skating. If you require further information about the Fund and/or its cause, please do not hesitate to contact the Skate Canada – Saskatchewan

Section office at:

              Skate Canada ‐Saskatchewan

              1072 McDonald St.

              Regina, SK

              S4N 2X8

              Attention: Danielle Shaw

              Phone: (306) 780‐9245 Fax: (306) 780‐9242

If you are interested in providing a donation to Champions of Skating, donations can be made either by online donation or in the form of cheque/money order. For online donation, please visit Any cheque/money order donations, along with the donor form can be mailed to:

               National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF)

               1072 McDonald Street

               Regina, SK S4N 2X8

The Champions of Skating Committee wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you for your consideration. It is through skating official, volunteer, former athlete, coach or fans of skating such as yourself that this fund will be able to assist our young athletes in reaching their goals while simultaneously making Saskatchewan a force to be reckoned with on the national and international stage.