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Skate Canada - Saskatchewan is a non-profit sports governing body who is affiliated with and governed by Skate Canada.

Vision:  Inspiring all Canadians to embrace the joy of skating.

Mission:  Skate Canada - Saskatchewan will be recognized as a leader in the delivery of skating program for lifelong fun, fitness and personal achievement.

Values:  We believe in living the following values in a way that inspires our decisions and guides our behaviour.

  • Healthy Lifestyle:  Skating instills a love of physical activity that contributes to the health and happiness of all who participate.
  • Life Skills:  Goal-setting, discipline, perseverance, and lessons about competing with integrity, winning fairly, and losing gracefully are skills that are valuable in all aspects of life.
  • Building Community:  Pursuing learning and reaching goals in the company of others creates a sense of community and a willingness to give back to one's larger community.
  • Excellence:  Excellence is being the best skater, competitor, coach, official, administrator or leader you can be.
  • Accountability:  We believe in being accountable to all interested stakeholders through our actions.

In Saskatchewan, over 8,500 individual members belonging to 122 affiliated clubs utilize Skate Canada programs.

Skate Canada - Saskatchewan is dedicated to the following:

  • To encourage club participation in the implementation of Skate Canada programs
  • To provide progressive training opportunities for membership development
  • To maintain an effective public relations program and to disseminate information for the use of all Executives, Regions, Clubs, Coaches, and Officials
  • To be accountable to our clubs and Skate Canada
  • To promote and train Skate Canada Officials & Coaches
  • To provide competitive opportunities for all skaters
  • To liaise with all skating clubs


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