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Skaters’ Lottery

Club / Section Fundraiser


Congratulations to the winners of the 2017/2018 Skaters' Lottery:

- 1st Prize:  Shane Webster, Saskatoon (063317)

- 2nd Prize:  Erin Roussin, Yorkton (013122)

- 3rd Prize:  Nicole LaVallee, Melville (050146)


Saskatchewan Facts

  • There are 122 clubs with over 8,000 members
  • 109 clubs participated in the Skaters’ Lottery program
  • Over $120.447 was returned directly to the participating clubs
  • Two (2) club incentives of $5,000 each were provided by the Marketing Committee for clubs 20- 129 members and 130 & up members for selling the most books per registered Skate Canada member.  Congratulations to the Skate Cudworth (20-129 members), Moose Jaw SC (130 & up members).  One (1) club incentive of $2,000 was awarded to a club with 1 - 19 members, congratulations - Canrduff SC.  All clubs selling a minimum of one (1) book per registered member were entered into a draw (20 draws were made for $1,000 each) -  Alameda SC, Archerwill, SC, City View SC, Eastend SC, Hafford SC, Gull Lake SC, Langham SC, Lashburn SC, LeRoy SC, Midwest SC, Milden Skate Canada, Prince Albert SC, Shellbrook SC, Skate Carrot River, Skate Melville, Skate Yorkton, Spiritwood SC, U of S Anne Collingridge SC, Watson SC, Wolseley SC.  The presentation was made at the Section AGM in Regina, May 5th, 2018.


Where the Section Spends the Money

  • Promotes and develops Skate Canada programs
  • Provides programs to enhance our membership
  • Maintains communications between members, clubs, Section and Skate Canada
  • Holds competitions to promote personal and skill development
  • Provides training opportunities
  • Provides qualify officials and coaches
  • Provides awards
  • Provides financial support for clubs, skaters, coaches and officials


Imagine What the Picture Would Look Like

  • If every skater sold 1 book
  • For 8,000 books – the clubs would receive approximately $320,000
  • Programs would continue and grow


Club Benefits

  • All prizes are arranged, purchased and delivered by the Section
  • Lottery License is obtained by the Section
  • Minimal expense to the club
  • Book Value $100 - club share $40 / complete book sold ($5.00 / ticket) and in appreciation for your participation the Marketing Committee is offering two (2) clubs ( 20 - 129 members and 130 & above members) who sell the most books per registered member will receive $5,000 each.  In the event of a tie, the funds will be divided equally between eligible clubs.  A club is only eligible for the club incentive once in a five (5) year period.
  • The Marketing Committee will be offering one (1) club (1 - 19 members) who sells the most books per registered member will receive $2,000.  In the event of a tie, the funds will be divided equally between eligible clubs.  A club is only eligible for the  club incentive once in a five (5) year period.  
  • The Marketing Committee will make twenty (20) draws for $1000 each for clubs who sell a minimum of one (1) book / registered member based on the 2017/2018 Skate Canada registration.
  • The Marketing Committee will also be awarding the seller's of each winning ticket with $1,000 each.  

 2018/2019 Prizes:

     Grand Prize     $30,000

     Second Prize   $10,000

     Third Prize        $  5,000


As per SLGA’s Raffle Terms & Conditions all purchases are made on a voluntary basis.  No person shall be obligated to purchase Tickets as a condition of registration for the club.  Lottery proceeds must be used for club programming such as ice rental, badges, and coaching.Order your Skaters’ Lottery Books now!!!!! 


Only 5,000 Books Available!!  First Come, First Serve!!!


Skate Canada – Saskatchewan

Phone (306) 780-9245



Please make this your club fundraiser.

Everyone benefits by working together.