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Test Days


Skate Canada Rulebook / Policies and Procedures / Duties of Officials Policy
3.2 The Section Evaluators/Judges Committee shall be responsible for the selection of evaluators/judges for the following tests:
  * Senior Silver and Gold Skating Skills Tests
  * Senior Silver and Gold Free Skating Tests
  * Senior Silver, Gold Dance and Diamond Dance Tests
  * Silver and Gold Interpretive Tests
For organization purposes, we have included Junior Silver and all Interpretive tests as we don't provide an intermediate evaluator promotion... it's Senior Bronze or Gold promotions in the training. I'm bringing this up at the E/J Chair at the AGM to have the policy updated to reflect this. Most other Sections include Junior Silver with high tests as they would otherwise be lost in the middle with no one assigned to evaluate them which is what we have followed as well.

Test Days Procedure Manual